Who and what is Sonic Lighthouse

Sonic Lighthous - Andy Franke
Sonic Lighthous – Andy Franke

My name is Andy Franke and I like to introduce you to me and my Sonic Lighthouse project here. I’m born in December 1965 in a little town called Schleswig, in the very north of Germany. Since I was a little kid, I loved music, hearing and making. The most of the time I played bass-guitar in several Rock- and Pop-Bands and I always loved to be part of a pack. But for some reasons I decided to make some kind of different music on my own. Music that I loved as much, as the kind of „handmade“ music, that I have done before:

Electronic music. This is, what Sonic Lighthouse is all about.

So my little sound-paintings come from the innermost part of me and I never know what’s coming out next. It’s always a surprise for me and I like to share this with you.

Love & Peace
Andy Franke