My Little Studio – Where things are happening

Sonic Lighthouse StudioThis is my little project studio, where I spend my time to create my sound collages. It’s under the roof of my little home. For me a real place to cocooning. I love cocooning.

The most things are happening just in the box. This means I’m producing my music completely in my computer. There are just a few pieces of external hardware that I’m using so far. An old Korg 05R/W for example, but I really like the comfort of today’s software instruments. But for sure sometimes in the future there hopefully will be a little modular system. I really would appreciate that.

After the time of ATARI computers was over, my last one was the really cool ATARI Falcon, I was straight jumping to general Windows based systems. The reason not to use Apple thingies was, I newer wanted to live on an „computer island“ again, like the mac in Germany really was, and still is. And I never regretted.

My today’s working horse is a home brewed i7 3660K (32 GB/SSD/HDD) from middle 2013. Not really funky stuff anymore, but it works smoothly until now. Because of it’s flexibility and rock solid drivers, I’m still using a RME HDSP 9652 interface. It’s connected via ADAT to two ADDA’s with 16 Inputs and 8 Outputs, so far. One is a Behringer ADA8200 Ultragain (I hear you crying now, but hey, it really works well.) with 8 in- and outputs and the other is a Tascam US-20X20 what gives me another 8 Inputs. The Tascam US-20X20 is an USB3 interface, what gives me the flexibility to use it in the studio connected to the HDSP and the possibility to connect it to my laptop computer for mobile things.

Garden studio
In my little open air garden studio.

Sometimes, I just like to sit in my garden and fiddle around with my Notebook, NI Maschine MKII, the little Arturia Minilab and some headphones. This is really some kind of luxury, isn’t it?

The notebook is a Toshiba Sattelite P50t-B-10T, with a nice 15.6″ 4K Touchscreen, an i7 4710HQ CPU, 16 GB RAM and a 1 TB hybrid drive and it performs very well on audio applications.

All of my computers running Windows 10 Pro, 64bit of course. So what DAW I’m using. Well for the creative Part I still love Ableton Live 9 Suite. It’s just nice to work with Live and Push 1 and an AKAI APC-40 is also still around here and makes a good job too. On the ATARI and the first time on PC, I was using Cubase all the time, but I don’t liked its GUI and workflow anymore. But when it’s coming to the mixing stage, I really, really prefer Cockos Reaper now. What a great piece of software for such an affordable price. You should really try it, if you have not before.

Next to the Minilab, my main Midi keyboard is a Novation 61  SL MK2. Together with Novation’s Automap software, it is also a really flexible an easy to use universal Midi controller.

As I said before, 99% of all Instruments I use til now, are just VSTi plugins. So there is Native Instruments‚ bread and butter collection Komplete-Ultimate, Arturia’s V-Collection, UVI’s Falcon, AIR Music Technology’s AIEP 3 Complete, SonivoxPremier Collection and many more in my little arsenal.

When it comes to mixing, there are always the great plugins from Slate Digital evolved. If you didn’t tried Steven Slate‘s plugins now, you really should. They are just awesome and his Everything-Bundle is even a no-brainer. Beside this, I really love the plugins from Melda Production, IK Multimedia, Plugin Alliance, Eventide, Positive Grid and some of the Waves things.

To be continued…