Andy Franke Discography

Releases where I was involved in the past:

With Châlice on the „Metal Monday“ Volume 1

Andy Franke Discography Châlice -Metal Monday Volume 1This Sampler was release 1992 with bands like Gamma Ray, Jack’s Hammer, 5th Avenue, Beamstream and of course Châlice (Hamburg), where I was playing bass at this time.

With Lost in SOHO on the Album „EYE“

Andy Franke Discography Lost in SOHO EyeLost in SOHO was a Rock-Pop band from my city of birth. Schleswig. Our album „EYE“ was released in 1998. Unfortunately Lost in SOHO splittet 2001. This year we decided to release the album again digitally. A little bit polished and with some old demo recordings for nostalgic reasons and fun. You can buy it on iTunes, Google Play Music and stream it on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and so on, if you like.


With Helene Nissen & Band

Andy Franke Discography Helene Nissen & Band

The Helene Nissen & Band EP was released 2015 and produced by me and my friends Haui Schulz, Mathias Schwarz & Michael Sörensen. I also played bass in the band. Because of some differences between Helene and the band/producer team. this project was canceled in mind at the End 2015 and official in early 2016. But the EP ist still available on iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and many more.